Monday, February 16, 2015

In 4 days!!!

In 4 days I hit my year mark! Fantastic! 

Well I heard Grandma died this week! That Is alright! It's kinda like me! I "died" back home to come and serve a mission! I'm still alive you can just only hear from me here and there! Same with Grandma, her influeance is still on this earth! so grandma is not dead she is just serving a mission! If she was dead then how could this be "life eternal"?

Well I will give you an update on our investigators now! 

Sarah is doing well! She's been busy all week and so she ouldn't meet with us but she said that she is free tuesday wednesday and thrusday! So that is good! We will meet with her this week for sure! 

So we met with Thomas this week, that is good! So background before story! We got a call from Sarah saying how Thomas isn't doing so well and how he is smoking weed and he doesn't feel ready for his baptism date! so we went into the lesson with that in mind! and we talked to thomas and we asked how he was doing with the W.O.W. and he told good just a hard time getting off the tea and coffee! then we asked him if that was all! he told us yep! Thomas left the room and my comp told me that Thomas is lying because there was weed on the coffee table! then I saw it!!!!! THE WEED! it was sad! so next time I'm going ot call him out if I see it again! but he has that we can help him clean his house on saturday! that should be Fun! 

Shawna Brown
Shawna is doing great and she read the Ensign we left for her! She was sick on sunday but she promised that she'll make it to church on this coming up sunday! We taught her about the atonement! it was fun! IT was just a good lesson! 

Gillian and Charley
So they are doing good! Ever since Gillian fell out with her friend she has been progressing! slowly! but progression none the less! she didn't make it to stake conference this week! so we can't do much about that! hopfully church this sunday! 

I saved the best for last! So Since it was Valentines this week Dave's wife gave him some money to go and get what he wanted! So he turned around and bought her something with it! before meeting with us he would have gotten weed! He read from the Book of Mormon and he said it spake to him! that was cool what he told us! Then we taught him the W.O.W. he said he's can't give up tea or coffee! We'll teach him about agency! or something like that! but that is dave! he's doing the best! 

that is everyone we worked with! 

So now it's about ME! 

Elder McKay Smith
So I was given the reading assignment to read John 3:1-22 I'll tell you my thoughts about it!

-So Nicodemus Is very high with the Jews, and Respected Jesus enought to learn for him! and they a convertasion about being born again! well let's see what is means to be "Born Again"! In verse 3 he says "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." where as in verse 5 he says, "Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." to SEE heaven is by the power of the Holy Ghost which anyone who is looking for truth can feel, But to ENTER into heaven  you must have the Gift of the Holy Ghost!  that comes after Baptism! so my challenge for you all is to study conscience, light of christ, and the Holy Ghost, in the bible dictionary! 

Well that is me! I'll hear from you next week! 

Love you all BYEEEE! 

-Elder Smith

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