Monday, January 19, 2015

A lot of teaching!

So this week we had A lot of lesson which is always fun! I'll tell you about them! 

Dave and Amanda!
So with these two, they have quit the story! So so dave has a kid in England and bad stuff when down with the mom and kid so to cut a long story short the mther is loosing custody of her daughter! So, Dave has been freaked out about that and he can't focus! So it's hard for him to sit down and read and prayer! (even though we tell him that is will help him focus more then anything!) So, he decided that he needs to raise his daughter! He made the great dicision to give up weed! (It's about time!) So I look at this train reck as as blessing in disguise! Now we know how to teach dave for his needs and how to have the gasple bless has family! So, our focus for this week is how the gosple blesses family and how obeying the commandments will bless him in his life by creating the a good enviorment for his family! Hopfully he will take this to his heart! That is the gaol though! He did however go to chruch! So that is fantastic!

Shawna Brown
So Shawna is doing very good! So she we taught her twice this week they were both really good lessons! So, the first lesson we taught her the second half of the P.O.S. (Plan od Salvation) It was more of a breif summary! the member that came out with us knew her grandson So he did a great job in fellowshipping her and teaching her to have her feel of the spirit! Then the second lesson we had Ryan Wark come out with us and he is the best teacher I know of! it was great! He talk a lot about trails and everything reason why we have trails and then I ended up giving her a blessing! That is way awesome! I haven't given to many blessing threw out my mission but with that one I felt the spirit promting me with most of the word to say! That was THE experiance!

William Thomas
So William is now our New Investigator! He is the guy that we tracting in to the high flat! They Way Cool Guy! So We went over prophets with him, He has a very hard time believing the First vision! The funny thiong is that he can't deny what we are saying! It is great! So He is the Best investigator so fare! 

Gillian (and her Friend Lisa) and Charlie
So gillian didn't show out to church this week! I know with the probablem is! She grew up in the UK! The UK is not a bad place! No one just goes to church around here! That is the "Norm" here! So we are going to have to teach them about agency! which is always fun! But besides her struggles she did introduce one of her freinds to us! Her name is Lisa! Lisa is an atheist, So she just has a lack of a beliefe in god! NO worries! It was a good lesson with her. She asked some good question so hopfully we can meet her again! It's great that Gillian is doing missionary work, Not we just need to teach here to come to church!

Thomas Logan
Even though we didn't teach him this week we have A LOT of contact with him that I might as well give him and update! It's down to 1 cig a day and he has had no coffee! He is doing great! Didn't come to church this week but one thing at a time Right? So that is thomas! 

there really haven't been any great stories this week, so my advise would be, as Elder Bednar said, "don't be a missionary, become a missionary!"

I love you all! Take Care!

-Elder Smith

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