Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello once again!

Hello family/ friends!

This week is quite funny... I think! 

So i'll give you an update on all our investigators! 

Dave is crazy! Getting Better, but still crazy! We had to lay down the law of faith on him! He could really grasp the consept of it! So we asked him question to show that he does have faith! I first asked him how does he know that Henry the 8th had 8 wives! He said because we have documents of it and that's the proof! Then I likened the "proof" to the scriptures and how he wasn't there when Henry lived so he has faith on the documents! That went right over his head! So my comp said how do you know the attacks in paris happened! He the news! Then we said they could be fake! then he finally grasp the concept of faith! so we taught him the 1st half of the Plan of Salvation! It was amazing! He had NO questions at the end! That is pretty cool! If you know dave he's asked some crazy questions! We did a good job with that lesson! 

Thomas is going great! To told us that he is going to try all he can to get off the tabacco and coffee by Saturday! The coolest thing about Thomas in that he finally understands the ower of prayer and scripture reading! So I think he'll make it this week!

Shawna Brown
We had a very good lesson with Shawna yesterday! we taught he about scriture reading and prayer! Then the first half of the Plan of Salvation! This time when we taught her she was more engaged in the lesson! That was cool! So she'll progress for sure! IT's going to be slow, but she'll get there!

Gillian and Charley!
Didn't make it to church this week! Gillian went and hung out with her friends saturday night and slept in! We'll talk to her about that!

So story Time!

I broke an elevator this week! It was cold outside and we decided to tract an 14 story apartment complex ! So we started from the top and worked our way down! we did one whole complex then moved on to the next one and we got to about floor 11 before I was about to go crazy! I told Elde4r Yated that I needed a brake and we should just take a joy ride on the elevator! we hopped in and I pressed all the buttons! Then a couple of stops later A couple joined in on the ride down! WEll the girl edned up getting a bit mad and press the ground floor button and the open button at the same time! well it broke and the door closed and the elevator went no where! so she pressed the fire button and we went straight down adn all was well! For some reason Elder Yates and I couldn't get the elevator back up! HAHAHA OOPS!

Well I love you all! Take it easy!

-Elder Smith

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