Monday, September 29, 2014

oh I don't know

Anyways... this week is was alright and could have been better but what can you do about it! 

Anywhom, it was move call last week, I forgot to tell you that I'm staying in Omagh! It's tough here so I am grateful the opportunity to serve here! Omagh is a very small town and 70% of it is Catholic! And they don't really go to church or anything! They won't even give Us one minute on the door step! And missionaries have been here since the dinosaur... well about then! So then have knocked ever door frontwards and backwards... Multiply times! So it makes sense why they are who they are!

However this week I did hit rock bottom but I found my way out of it, and I'll tell you A little bit about that later on in my email! 

So as yo know me and my comp started off the week SICK! that sucked! We didn't get any work done Monday or Tuesday! However since it was moves week Wednesday was our Pday so one of the members here drove us to giants causeway!!!! That was way fun! I'll send you all a pictures!

That was fun! We climbed up a cliff.... kinda of... It sounds a lot worst then it really was! 

anyways, then the rest of the week was us doing missionary stuff! however our main focus is on our resent convert... Rachel! She is kinda going threw a rough patch and last Tuesday she texted us saying how she gave into temptation and drank coffee and tea! She learned her lesson there, because she woke up the next day she had a massive headache!

However that is not the problem! She has a boyfriend that is not a member and he invited her to go to Paris with him! AND SHE AGREED!!!! yeah basically she is asking for trouble there!!! Me and my companion literally taught her the law of chastity lesson and obedience you could possibly think of! I hope it gets to her head! 

so yeah that is her! then also me and my comp have no clue what to do with this area! we were literally lost in our minds! so we hit rock bottom and sat there thinking of what we could do!  then at church it came to me! 

It was Branch Conference and the stake presidency was here and Talked about the perspective Elders! That is how I feel Omagh needs to grow! So that is what I am just going to focus on the rest of the move! I have hope that it will work! 

I am however Felling a lot better  So no need to worry about me! 

I know NOW that savior has my back 24/7 and I know he won't ever leave me hanging! last of all, I love him so I want to give my all to him!

I love you all and I hope that you all will keep on keeping on! YEAH? 

remember y'all are are children of god so make your father proud this week! that is what my goal is!

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