Monday, September 22, 2014

Family Friends and Everyone Else!

Another Week Up and Another Week Down! 

Me and my companion are sick today! It sucks! This is the second time that I'vbe been sick on my mission! :( Oh well! 

Lets see how did my week go! So basically! We started by going to district meeting! I love Elder Yates, He's our District leader! He is crazy Funny! 

He instructed us about using our time wisely! It is so hard to use your time wisely if you are just out finding someone to teach! 

However on Thursday we Biltz the Omagh Area! What a blitz is Another Set  missionaries Come Into Omagh! and there is twice the work in the area! we found someone to "teach!" His name is Malcome! Basically He has had the missionaries over before and is faith i think is called buhi of faith I may have spelled taht wrong! Anyway it's just someone who we are teaching! even though He shows no Interest at all! It just seems like He's being Nice But we will take it! 

Then we just contitued trying to find someone to teach! Until Yesterday...

Yesterday was funny! We wanted to see what else Omagh had to Offer and so we hoped on our bikes and went as far out of Omagh we could! Well that was a bad Idea! It turned out the When we were about to tor turn around we heard this PPHPHPHPPHPHHPHPHPPHPHPHPHPH! yes it was my back tire that went flat! 

We were in trouble. We were riding about and hour as far out of Omagh as possible and now we had to walk back! and it was a hour until curfew! right! We were going to be late! 

Well me being the ingenuitive guy I am! I started walking! Then I was going to slow! so I just hoped on my bike and started peddling! All the way home! I really worked up a sweat! 

I was thinking of how to relate this to the gospel and i think I figured it out!

It's kind of like how the devil works! He leads you to the middle of no where then ditches you to figure out how you are going to get back yourself! He suck! I hate the devil SO MUCH! 

That is however my weekly update! My nose is Running and I don't feel 100%! However at the end of the day I love this work and I love my savoir! So what else do i need?

I love you all I can't wait to heard from you!!

Elder Smith!

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