Monday, September 15, 2014

grgrgrrrgr pfff (that would be a farting noise!)

Well this week was kinda POOP! however it was good also! 

So after I was done emailing we went to a members house to eat food and dropped us off at the church in derry because we were going to spend the night over there! so we started to walk back to their flat and I was texting them that I was going to be late! Then out of no where a pole was in my face! It was so funny! I sat on the ground and laughed my bum off! Then I got up and we passed this guy and he was like... I heard that clear back there! It was great! 

Then we put on the fitness fitting and the photography class nobody showed up! So we need to advertise it better! The idea situation would have been fo rthe members to come with their friends! But that stuff happens! 

We dropped off our Bio find Flyers and now we just need to fallow up on that! Umm, I have been working out a lot! 

There is nothing else to do so I have been just working out each evening! and morning! I only have 17 more months left I got to come home better then I left in all aspects of life! 

Which I figured out a way to study! I want to see how everything is connected in the gospel! I'll show you it once I start! It will be sick! 

This next move however, I am going to focus on member missionary work! I feel like the members here don't fully understand how missionary work actually is very to do! With the Omagh branch there is a Bunch of part member family! like over half the branch! All they have to do is speak up! So i am hoping that I stay one more move to Help out with their family!

We also cleaned out Rachel's back yard! She kept telling how hard of a worker I was! SHOUT OUT TO MY DAD! THANK YOU DAD! 

Well that is my update! I love you all! Have a great week!

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