Monday, September 8, 2014

It is complete!

Good morning home life! 

I hope you all are doing!
So, i didn't feel like a lot of stuff went on this week so I'll go day by day!

Tuesday- Zone meeting! That was really good! I enjoyed it! So they talked about being worthy to stay on you mission and how that links to fallowing the spirit! That one thing that I am focusing on all the time is fallowing the spirit! So any tips let me know! Then we missed our bus had to wait around for an hour to catch the next one! 

I can't remember the rest of the week but we work on our finding activities and made flyers and all! I'll attach them! They look amazing! 

I know at some point this week my companion did a trail he said his butt hurt the next day! HAHAH LOOSER! 

it sucks for my though! I have to work out with everyone when we put it on this week! Who is the looser now? ME!!!!

I went on exchanges and it was fun! I LOVE elder Yates he is a HOOT! We were chatting with this one guy and has a strong belief in god! He has heard a little bit about our church and just doesn't agree with it! He said he doesn't need more scriptures! I asked him if he would read the Book of Mormon! All I invited him to do is read from the BOM & he wouldn't! His lost! I did give him his chance every clearly! and multiple time! I really hope he has another one!  

It is weird though! Rarely, do people want to read the BOM. I don't know why they must already know it's true! Well, I will keep trying! 

The branch however seems pretty excited about our activities! So i am hoping that they are going to bring their friends! That is a gaol! 

Honestly, this week was getting everything announced around town! now we execute!

I really do love your Emails though! They keep me motivated to work hard!

I love you ALL like ALL of you! 


Elder Smith 

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