Monday, July 28, 2014

Hard work finally paid off!

Hard work finally paid off!  We got our first new investigator in Forever! 

He is a way cool guy.  His name is Conal and he lives at home with his dad!  He is about 19ish and he is really open!  When we talked to him at his door I asked him if anything we said interested him!  His response was, "I didn't know there was another testament of Jesus Christ!" 

We taught him the restoration and left behind a reading assignment. I asked him what he expected from reading it!  He said to learn more about Jesus Christ! 

He is great! 

Last time we were out tracting, we played this dumb game called "The Doctrine Game!"  How it works, is you ask a doctrinal question like, "How many sections and in the Doctrine and Covenants?" then your companion is suppose to answer it!  I hate it so much!  Basically it’s a game to see who knows more stuff then the other guy!  I'm never playing it again! 

Sunday evening we went tracting in the rain for an hour or so!  That was a blast!  I love the rain so much! 

We did exchanges this week. I lead out the area with the Zone Leader Brown and He is a pretty good guy! I like him!

I think that’s about all I really did!  It was a fun week like always! 

I do miss you all! 

Talk with you next week!

Elders Smith LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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