Monday, July 7, 2014

Finding, Finding and More Finding!

So this week all we did is finding, finding and more finding!

Seriously, so much finding that my companion was like, "I'm done finding!" He was rather unhappy about it!

He had a reasonable reason! He said, "I work work my rump off and we have no fruits to show for it!"

It's true we literally went finding all day for three days and found like four flakey potentials.

But that doesn't matter, the grace of the Lord is with us and he will bless us! The Lord loves us, so I know we will receive blessings soon! 

We have a wedding next week! Whoo Hoo! WEDDING #eternalmarriage 

I'll add a picture this week!

That is honestly my week! Sorry for the short Email! I love you all though and I miss you!

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