Monday, July 14, 2014

This past week was NUTS!

So this past week was NUTS! Let me tell you why! 

So on Wednesday we had a wedding to attend! Basically, weddings here, they get married civilly before they get sealed in the temple! That was a party! They got married in the Omagh Branch Building! I was part of the ceremony! I was in the Choir! I sang my Heart out that! Guess what? I still Suck at singing! 

Then we drove for an hour to attend the dinner apart of the reception. It was fancy! A 5 course meal! Let just say, I was pretty full!  It was so Yummy! 

About the couple that got married, HE is blind and SHE is polish! They met while she was on her Mission here Forever Ago! And that is that!

We tried to do missionary work but we didn’t know what to do!  If we contact all the potentials from the past, we would have to spend all day planing to see where they live!  So my AWESOME companion, Elder Hewitson said, "Forget this we are going to make this easy on ourselves!"  Instead, we spent the whole day in the library making a website!  Basically, now we can open up an Excel Document, typed in the information about the person, run a Marco which opens the website and shows us on google maps where they live! So COOL!

That was fun! 

The next day was the 11th of July!  The day before the 12th! And 12th when Northern Ireland joined the UK! So, basically Northern Ireland Independence Day--in a sense!  We had a blast!  We had to be in by 6pm the night before because they set these 50 foot high pallet piles on fire! CRAZY!  Basically, it's a riot! It was fun!

On the 12th they have a parade, which isn't anything like American parades! Once you’ve seen the first three, you've seen them all! Also they don't have floats, they only have Marching bands!

It was so much fun too! 

We are struggling right now to find people to teach or even to talk to for 30 seconds, but that is okay!  WE will find someone this week! The Lord has prepared someone!

Well, that’s it for Elder Smith for the Week! Chat with you later!

Love you All!

Elder Smith! 

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