Monday, August 18, 2014

The new guy in town!

It's weird to think that I have been out for 6 months... Well three more of those then I'm Done! I better Make them Count!

Well so I got a new Comp as you all know and he is awesome! we are doing some new finding ideas and they have great potential. I'll tell you them! 

#1- Fitness finding!  So my new companion is a fitness freak and he is huge! like HUGE! right. so He was like how about we put on a free fitness class and then we can invite people to the church and there we can workout. But before we workout we'll just have a little spiritual thought! why not!

#2- Family History Finding! there are a bunch of old people in Omagh and they all are old!!! How about that! So my companion last area they had this member who was crazy good at Family History! So this member put on this seminar presentation and it was apparently really good! So we are going to try that here! 

#3- Bio Finding! So what we do for this one is that we type up a wee biography about ourselves and then under our biographies we put the questions of the soul! The cherry on top would be that we put our pictures on the paper! Then we print off a lot of copies and we drop them in the letter boxes here! Then a couple of days later we'll go back and see if they are interested in what we share! 

#4- Dead People finding! We simple put our names and contact details at the hospital!

#5- Photography Class Find! Since I am alright at photography we are going to put on a free photography course. then have a spiritual thought before every class! 

#6- Part Member Families! In Omagh 2/3rd of the branch is made up of part member families! So we are going to work close with them! we are also going to try to put on a musical fireside!

#7- Neighbor Finding! We are going to bake cookies and give them to our neighbors! I just want to cookies!!!! 

So we are just trying new stuff! It's great! 

We also were going to an Less Active Appointment and I saw on the map that there was a trail that I have never taken before! we get on the start of the path and the suddenly there was a 4 foot cement wall. the path still continued! So we decided to keep going! Then it when to a cement path to a dirt walking trail! We still keep going! with our bikes! Then we came to a creek that we had to cross and it was three feet beneath us! We jumped a crossed the rocks with our bikes still and continued on the path! Then the path disappeared. Then we had to walk through thorn vines and barb wire about a good 45 minutes! There were sometimes where I had no clue where I was going and so I just kept saying, "When in doubt... Keep going!" we finally however made it out and was late to our appointment! It was NUTS! 

That is my update, However! 

I love you All! Like EVERYONE who reads this, I love them! 


Elder Smith

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