Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 76

I really don't know how many week I've been out I just put that as my guess!

Well every one All is well over here and we are working hard like usual.

We decided this week to go to a different town to different and it worked. We taught a mother and her son, who is in his 20s, a bit about the gospel. They said they would both read the Book of Mormon. Sadly, they didn't keep their return appointment. but it was kind of funny the mom she kept telling us that the son wouldn't be interested and that he doesn't care about religion. but he agreed to read the Book of Mormon. that was just the funny part about it all.

But then on Saturday there was the paradise going on that day for the Protestants. nothing to big unless you are a Protestant. The Catholics absolutely hate that day. but all the Protestants are celebrating is that siege of Derry.

Nothing big. Well I don't think. 

But besides that the church is true and I'am going to go read about the seerer stone.

Love you all,

Elder Smith

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