Monday, August 31, 2015

Minus one week!

So we had a conference this week and I heard something that I know Mom will really like! In December, it will only be a 5 week move so that means that I will be getting home on that 27th of January. So that means I have less then 5 months less to try to change that area I am in! :) LET'S GET HER DONE! 

But I will tell you a little bit about this week!

We had a meeting this week! It will alright! We mostly talked about the Holy Ghost, which I did enjoy that part, I didn't enjoy the part on how the presented it! they had 8 Zone leaders up instructing and they had no idea what they were doing and it was hard to keep focused! but All is good! I still took stuff out of it and that is all what matter! It is fun to learn about the Holy Ghost! He is that one that does all the converting! so We better be more familiar about Him! 

I also went on exchanges with Elder Hinckley, he is actually related to President Hinckley. We had a really fun time! we knock on this door and I wanted to spice things up a little bit so right when this lady answered we sang her Happy Birthday and this is how it went...

US: Happy birthday to you

HER: It's not my birthday?

US: oh, we got that wrong? Sorry about that, well could you help us out with this wee survey?

HER: I don't even live here

US: oh we got that wrong too!

It was a good time! You just had to be there !

But I decided that I suck at adjusting to a new area! I thought I was alright at it! but know I don't know what to do! Just do it! 

So all is well with me though! Life is good and I am having fun! 

Well until next time! 

-Elder Smith

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