Monday, August 17, 2015

Moves Call

so yesterday was my moves call and guess what I am leaving back to Glasgow, Scotland for the 3rd time! I am absolutely hysterically about it all. I just must understand the people of Glasgow or something! 

But I will now talk about this week.

Here in Derry we found out how to have fun while finding. Just like Nike say... Just do it! Just have fun you see something fun go look at what it is! We have done some stuff this week that I don't have enough time to complete it all. So I will now tell about my experience I have had here in Derry.

So, everyone here has though have hated Derry which I don't. I really like it here! The people are great and I met a lot of great people over here! The only challenge I have had is my companion. I learned the power behind 2! when you share the responsibility in the area most people think 50% of the responsibility goes to the one companion then the other 50% go to the other! that is Completely wrong! because even though it adds up to 100% it's there is still 50% of having no responsibility from each companion! So there for that adds up to 100%! So the only solution is to teach my comp what he needs to do and tell him that is my expectations from him! I will find teach and Baptize this next 6 week! but is need all the help I can get! 

I love you all! 

have a good one!

-Elder Smith

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