Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello from Elder Smith

It’s a big change!

So, my P-day has officially changed to Mondays and will stay like that for the rest of my two years!!!  I'm finally out here serving in the field!  My area is the Pollok area and it's in Scotland.  The first day I got here it rained all day ALL DAY!!!!!  It's nothing like dry Idaho. They have green grass here at this time of the year!  If you guys think Idaho has a Bi-polar climate then you’ve never been to Scotland. I woke up one morning and it was sunny, then it was cloudy, then it was snowing, then sunny, then raining, then snowing again, then sunny and then I ate my lunch!!!! 

I play football here (soccer) and have no clue what I am doing. I probably look like a chicken dancing around the field!  However, I did get the last save of the game!  We still lost but as a missionary I can't be competitive.  The final score though was FUN to FUN!! 

I cannot understand people here, they talk really fast and use some funny words! like Chap which means to knock on a door, or even Rubbish meaning Trash!!!! Some how they all can tell I'm American by my accent! I NEVER HAD AN ACCENT BEFORE!!!!  I am proud to support America! AMERICA!!! 

To explain to you about the city I am in, I'm going to tell you a story!!! We were chapping on the flats (apartments) and we came to this door and there was this brown smear on the door... It was POOH!!!! That basically sums up the whole entire city, Pooh on the street, pooh on the door, and pooh in the toilet! I sure do love it!!!!

Now my companion, He’s black and from London. He's been out for 22 months and he decided to extend his mission another transfer! He is pretty cool, but when he is in a hurry he can walk so fast! I can't keep up to him! 

I walk everywhere by the way. The 10 pounds I gained in the MTC, yeah all gone!!!! So upsetting I worked hard for that, oh well what can you do!!!

I love hearing from you guys and I miss you all so keep sending me emails. I read them all.

Elder Smith

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