Monday, March 24, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust!

So this week was alright!!!

On Tuesday we did exchanges.  My companion and I went to the bus stop and we saw this old man struggling to walk down the street!!! I asked if he needed help and then escorted him to his destination!!!  (His destination was the pub by the way!)  We chatted and he asked if I wanted to join him at the pub!  I cheerfully declined and told him how God gave me this body, I want to respect it and... I'm also to young to drink!!!  He stopped, looked at me and laughed!!!! then said "You can never be to young to drink!!!!!" we had a great laugh. I dropped him off at the pub and started think... I'm suppose to be bringing people closer to Christ not the Bar!!! I felt bad! 

Every Thursday we play football. I wanted to headbutt the ball but somehow my face got in the way!! that hurt!!!  I decided to just keep playing!! The next day one of the players said I have really improved my football skills since I first arrived!  He's promised to start teaching me the terminology now!!!  I'm SO Excited!!!!! #footballforlife

Saturday was the highlight of my week, we have an investigator named George.  I asked him to be baptized....he agreed and if everything all goes well then he'll be a member on the 26th of April!!!   

That’s all going on in my life.  I love hearing from you all!  Even if I don't reply back, I still read all your messages!!!  I love you all and stay clean!!

My shout out for the week goes to Madison!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!!!! I miss you and sure do love you!!!!

Elder Smith 

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