Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hello From Elder Smith

Hey Y’all,

So, seriously in 1 hour I will be on a bus going to Scotland or Ireland!!! I am so stoked!  I don't have much time to email--about five minutes.  So I'll just have to sum up my ENGLAND MTC EXPERIENCE!!!!
My Compianion - He was a good MTC companion but he hated being here! He decided to live as a missionary seven weeks before he actually came on his mission--just so he wouldn't fall into temptation. So by the time he got here he wanted to go right out to the mission field.  So being here at the MTC, he was useless!!!!
THE FOOD- Amazing!!!!!!!!! (Enough said!)
The place- very well kept and looks brand new! better then Provo...
What I got out of it- much more then anyone will understand! After being here in just the MTC, I learned a lot and grew a stronger testimony.  We were sent here by God and that he is our loving Heavenly Father!  I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith restored the gospel and made it possible so families can be together forever!  

I love you all, but I must get going!!
Elder Smith is OUT!!!!
P.S. I love hearing from you guys keep up the good work!!!!!!

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