Monday, January 11, 2016

It's me

So, my life is awesome! Well I just choose that it is awesome and the teaching of Jesus make it all the different! 

So investigators...

Ozzy agreed to read the Book of Mormon. We litter took everything he said and pointed it to prophets and everything so the only options for him were that he read the Book of Mormon or the truth leave his house! He picked the Book of Mormon.

Clara and Jane and getting there! Clara his been praying but wouldn't tell anyone except for us missionaries! so she has planted the seed! Not it will grow! It's awesome Her sister however just like to talk about but her granny has a plan to get her to church! 

That is our investigators but now me! 

This last month for my mission is teaching me how to use the Principles of the Gospels to endure! It is hard stuff, me and my camp literally talk about Gospel topics all day he'll have a different view at looking at it and I do too but he thinks my view is completely wrong and his view is the only way. I'm trying to teach this kid that we are looking at the same thing but it's quite the processes! Really teaches me patience! 

So that is me i'm doing awesome! 

I love you all and thanks to the emails and the pictures! 

Me out! 

-Elder Smith

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