Monday, January 18, 2016


Hey every one, Life is awesome here in Belfast!

So Update on our investigators! 

We finally got in contact with Cheryl. She is awesome. She looks at the new year ahead as the time to change her life to be better. She doesn't feel as though she is ready for baptism quite yet but she is just needs to learn more and she's do fine. She enjoy what we have been teaching her. However she is has her family telling not to meet with us but she can't find any reason not too so she is going to continue! 

Clara is alright. She didn't come to church this week. don't know why but we are meeting with her tonight. She has a lot of questions but her sister Jane keep talking over her and we don't have time for her questions! 

Jane on the other hand she is just being difficult! I think she likes all the attentions that is why she is doing what she does.

That is that for investigators! 

Now me. I marvel at what a testimony can do for people. I have been reading this book about the History of the church and It amazes me that thousands upon thousands of people going threw persecution just for believing in something different! It never has made sense to me that since how the Churches back in 1820 hated each other enough to point out the other flaws but how they all can unite together to try to destroy our church! It just never made sense. Now the World has made it seem bad to be different! Even me being out on my mission. people reject us because we bring something new that is something different in their life. I don't get why they hate the book of Mormon and stick to their bible! 

So that is me everyone! I love you all and I talk to you for the last time next week! 

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