Monday, January 4, 2016

It my week I do what I want!

So this week we saw Ozzy and this I what I think he was thinking at the end of lesson... "ok prove the Mormons wrong then I get rid of them forever! that should be easy." The lesson was literally our church I different from every other church! So why don't you prove us wrong! It was completely unnecessary!

But life Is awesome here! For new years we watch star trek and frozen and kung fu panda 2! And played monopoly! it was fun no one won because we had to leave... poor us! :( 

Then this guy had a stroke during the middle of sacrament! he was 92 years old and before it happen my and companion were crack jokes with him 20 minutes before it happened! it was mental! 

I am finishing my mission and I am determined to finish strong! I need to, or what else would I be doing! :)

Hey I love all the pictures and thanks for the video wishing me happy birthday! 

There was no questions so maybe next week! 

Love you all! 

-Elder Smith

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