Monday, October 19, 2015

it's that time again!

So it is that time that you all get to hear my updates!

So with Marie she has been in and out of hospital so she couldn't meet with her! 

Then Scott we met with and he is not changing! He may need a break with us just to gather all his thoughts together! 

But I did go on exchanges with elder Welch this week! he is such a lazy butt! so I am going to work on that this week! He's is making it super hard on his companion! 

I went on exchanges with his companion and he told me how hard it is working with him and he's been with the same guy for 6 months!  i need to help him out !

But really that is all I got we have a new finding skill we are tuning! Work goes on like usual! 

I love you all! Take care

-elder Smith

P.S. Thanks for the Pictures! 

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