Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Not Much Happening in Omagh

Hey Y'all,

Elder Smith here... So not much stuff happening in Omagh!

We did however find one girl to teach! Her name is Emma!  I bring her up because her husband Derek, Co-owns a pizza shop!  The same day we found Emma, we found Richard! 

Who is Richard?

Well, Richard is the other owner of the pizza shop!  We figured out that Richard and Derek are brothers!  It is cool they are both interested to learn about the gospel, and we found them both the same day!

When talking to my companion about this coincidence, he said, "a coincidence is just an excuse to not give God the credit!"

Its so true! God work miracles everyday, we just need need to open our eyes and look for them! 

That’s my update though! 

I love you family!


Elder Smith!

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