Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My companion is great!

My companion is great!  He is so nice and we work so well together!  He doesn't look down on me and I don't look down on him!  It is always a party!

Also, the work is hastening here!  Not hastening hastening just hastening!  We have no investigators BUT (there is always a BUT) we have this appointment with a lady who is worried about death.  We are going to teach her the Plan of Salvation!  I can't wait!  She has also been reading from the Book of Mormon! 

Also, we have to recent convert who says I have an answer for everything! Which I don't, I just voice my opinions out loud!  One time, she was telling us how she goes to bed late and get up early and what not!  So, I pulled a Doyle Beck quote on her "Early to bed, early to raise, makes a man, healthy wealth and wise!"  She looked at me and said that’s just for men!  Then I pulled out my scriptures! D&C 88:124  I guess I do have an answer for everything! 

But seriously now!  I love this work and I am glad I can serve the Lord for these years of my Life!

Honestly, that’s my update for the week!  I love you family and friends! 

Have a good one! 

Elder Smith!

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