Thursday, June 19, 2014

More from Elder Smith

Hey y'all,

I love reading your emails. They are fun and really uplifting! 

This week not much went on, but I'm still standing strong! 

Tuesday, we went on exchanges and I lead out the area! We chapped so many doors and not that many people answered!  Which got me thinking? "Why is no body answering?" (I pondered on that for a few days so I will answer that later) 

I went on exchanges with Elder Yates! He is a boss! He told me whenever someone opens the door, he always wanted to say, "Hey you look really happy today.  What did you have for breakfast?"  Love that kid! 

On Wednesday we went to Zone Interview Training!  There we talked about the Godhead and Planning!  I really enjoyed it!  I also chatted with the Mission President!  I Flippin’ love that guy!  He loves the missionaries! 

I talked to him about studying and how I could get the most out of my studying! He advised me to study by topic and to use a dictionary and a thesaurus!  That way I can get a different perspective!  Let me tell you after applying that method, I LOVE studying my scriptures! 

Thursday we went on exchanges again! With a different Elder!  He is literally has some Amazing People skills!  He is a great missionary, except for he is sorta lazy!  It is so sad because he has some great talents but just doesn't use them! We are all trying to help him! (Me, my companion, and Elder Yates) Hope for the best!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent just finding people.  I figured out why no body was home while we were out chapping!  Because they have work or family or something!  So they are best to get at night and not during the day! 

We also have to really solid potential Investigator, she wants to learn more about the Plan of Salvation, but if she has an illness that prevents us from coming over sometimes!  So if you guys can pray for her the next couple of weeks that would be grand!  Her name is Emma!

That’s my updates, I'll chat with you most likely a week from now!

See ya!

Elder Smith

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