Monday, December 14, 2015

ME from Belfast

Hello every one! 

So guess what I had moves call yesterday and I'm staying the same with the same companion! It awesome! It will be fun finishing my mission with him! 

BUt we had a chance to teach a lot of people let me tell you who !

Clara and Jane! 

Clara - she is to afraid to pray because she is scared of the answer. because if it;s true she will have to change her life! she will get there! 

Jane - just denies the fact that there could be a God! she is a stubborn one! 


Cheryl is doing awesome! She is very humble maybe a bit too humble because she thinks all her answers she give are dumb! 

Then there is Vincent! 

He just doesn't understand why we are there! I think he thinks we are there to convert him to the Mormons! NO we don't we are there to help him find the truth! He doesn't understand that! 

But still working with less actives! We have 12 lessons this week! 

So it's great teaching! 

But that is my wee update! 

I love you all and love the Pictures! 

-Elder Smith

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