Monday, September 14, 2015

So what is new?

So this week I went to Oban and it was very beautiful! I really like it there! I was with Elder Longman and h is funny stuff I don't care who you are! 

We did some farmer Finding to see if any farmers needed any help they said no but to come back in the winter! I just really want to pet a sheep that is what it really boils down too!  But It was a blast! We just made some really good stories!

Then we came back to Dumbarton! it's bee alright! We taught Marie! She has been sick  lot lately and so it's been hard to meet with her but we met with her this past week and she is awesome! She had a dream that she brought a lot of people into the church! I do feel as though Marie will bring a lot of people in! It will be exciting to see what is in store! 

My next goal it to teach her husband! That is going to be the hard part!

But the joys of missionary work! Besides that we did some finding and and more finding! 

So that really all that went on! 

take it easy! 

-Elder Smith

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