Monday, May 26, 2014

I love Omagh!

I love Omagh! Let me tell you a little bit about this town first! 

Omagh is a really small town about the size of Shelley, Idaho! The people here are very friendly!  They still slam doors in your face, but they do it so nicely!  It's the best!  Oh yeah, Omagh is seriously out in the middle of NO WHERE!  It’s pretty great!

There is a branch here, about 30 people or so attend church each week! They all love missionaries and they love helping us! 

There is a member named Tom, he is SO COOL!  He loves missionaries!  He always has us over for cupa (cup of chocolate)!  He does joint teaching with us whenever!  He even buys us food!  He’s great! 

His story, however, goes like this!  Three years ago there was a man named Tom! Tom lived a pretty normal life!  He had a wife, a job, and a house over his head!  What more could he ask for?
Well, one day the unexpected happened to Tom!  His wife died!  Tom was very sad!  He was sad for quiet some time!  But not for long because three weeks later someone chapped his door!  You will probably guessed who that was? You're right, THE MISSIONARIES!  They taught him the discussions and he's been a member ever since!  The missionaries sorta replaced his wife!  He is awesome! 

The gospel is awesome also!  It gives people the chance to live with their loved ones again!  What a blessing! 

My companion is great!  He is an Englishman!  He LOVES to work!  It's great!  His last companion didn't like to work at all!  Now we have no investigators!  So we must work extra hard to find people!  Which is fine by me!  Once we start finding them, we will start teaching! 

That sums up my area, but I really do miss you all and I wish I could be there! But the work must go on! 

I love you all! 

Elder Smith is out!!!!!!

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