Sunday, April 27, 2014

Elder Smith's Cray Cray Week

So, this week was pretty cray cray!  Last week, Monday, we got a call from our Mission President at like 7:00 at night!  He called to tell us that we will be placed into a TREE-O!!!!  I was so excited for it!  There was a problem though!  Our flat is just two small!  We can barely fit two Elders in there!  So, president told us to switch flats with the other Elders who are in Pollok!  We did not want to do that because we would have to take everything from out of our flat and put it in the other flat!  The other team would have to do the same!  The problem is that we can only travel by bus and there is a lot of stuff to move!  So...

The other team came over the next day to see if the extra bed would fit!  It did! The Zone Leaders came over and said we could stay and didn't have to move! That way it would be less stressful!  And if it got stressful to have three elders in the flat then we would switch!

So we didn't move flats and we got an new Elder!  Elder Griffin! He's a good guy!  We were getting along fine in the flat and everything was good! 

We did a power hour thing with a member!  We have one good potential out of it and we got a return appointment with him!  Well, there was a language barrier and we mixed up our appointment time!  So, Sunday we decided to stop by to see if he was in!  HE WAS THERE! and he let us in!  We taught him the restoration and he didn't argue with it at all!  The only problem he had was about prophets!  He doesn't see why we need a prophet at all!  We didn't do a very good job explaining it really well!

Then yesterday (Monday) the zone leaders called and said President Brown was not happy that we didn't move and to move!  So we did, then the Mission Flat Cleaning lady came to our new flat and ripped us a new one!  Said we needed to clean this flat and keep it clean! Before she left said  "I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just trying to teach you!" 

Well, me being me, I couldn't help but say, "well you are pretty good at both!" She smiled.

That is my week in a nutshell  i love you family and friends! The lesson i learned this week is to OBEY EVERYTHING!!!!!!! 

Shout out is to my wee sister Molly... Happy birthday Again!!!!!!



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